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Roman Rashchuk

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion [2015]

CANFIT PRO - Certified Personal Trainer [2013-2017]

Panno Medical inc. First Aid Athletic Therapist [2014-2018]

CPTN - Certified Personal Trainer [2018-Now]

Speed and Agility Development Trainer [2017-Now]

Alliance FC Soccer Strength and Conditioning Coach [2018-Now]

Training Specialties: Soccer, Hockey, Lacrosse, Rugby


David Pocsai

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology [2015]

Swim Instructor [2008-2013]

Physiotherapy assistant [2013-2016]

CPTN-CPT Certified Personal Trainer [2015-Now]

Basketball Coach M.E Basketball Facility, Fuxin, China [2016-2018]

Fitness Director M.E Fitness Studio Fuxin, China [2017-2018]

Sport Training Specialties: Basketball, Volleyball, Track & Field, Football, Rehabilitation

Body Transformation Training

You know your goal, and you know what you want to look like so what now? It’s time to put a plan in action and get the results you’ve been dreaming of. First, we need to figure out exactly what kind transformation you desire. We have specialized workout programs for a wide range of goals including: bodybuilding, weight loss, toning, and specific muscle sculpting. To put things simply: you tell us what you want to look like, and we will ensure you get there. One commonality between all programs is that there will be some combination of strength, endurance, cardiovascular, and mobility exercise. Each component of fitness plays a role in your journey whether you want to be a competitive body builder or just want to shed a few inches off your waistline. All programs begin with a thorough assessment and brief interview to ensure that the program design fits you perfectly.

Functional Sport Conditioning

Many industry professionals argue that there is no such thing as “sport specific” training because all sports require similar aspects of athleticism. While this is somewhat true for young or novice athletes, there is an increased need for specific athletic fine-tuning at higher levels of competitive sport. We believe that specific functional training is necessary if your goal is to be at the top of your game, no matter what sport you play. We require our coaches to have an athletic background, and have experience working with athletes from different sport backgrounds. Sport specific strength and conditioning is increasing in popularity among young athletes, and is increasing in importance among coaches in terms of its impact on performance. All programs begin with a thorough assessment and brief interview to ensure that the program design fits you perfectly.

Exercise Rehabilitation

Many people neglect proper rehabilitation of their injuries, which often prolongs the healing of that injury. This leads to a variety of problems including: long-term joint damage, soft tissue damage, further injury of the area, additional injuries caused by compensation, extended absence from physical activity, increased risk of re-injury and of course the frustration and pain that comes with dealing with any injury or illness. When it comes to rehabilitation, there are so many options available and often it is difficult to determine which option is best. Should you go to a physiotherapist? Maybe you can get away with simply icing the injury? Perhaps your doctor prescribes you medication. We aim to reduce the uncertainty of the rehab process and offer exercise rehabilitation programs for a variety of injuries. No matter the nature or severity of the injury, you will at some point need to perform an exercise program to restore full strength, endurance, mobility and stability to the area. We are not here to replace physiotherapists, chiropractors and doctors - we are offering exercise rehabilitation programs for a wide range of injuries at a reduced cost to many alternatives.